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About Me

I've had a long career as an actor, doing theatre, film and television, and the occasional commercial. (Yes, that was me as Davé on the Bubly spot.)

I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but now I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, after marrying my college sweetheart. (It’s a great story, ask me about it sometime.)

I love working out of my home studio, where all of my audiobooks to date have been produced. While I find producing titles for major publishers rewarding, I also enjoy working with self-published authors and small presses. My primary focus is on non-fiction, but I'm pretty handy with multiple characters and accents for fiction as well.

When not walking the waterfront or forests near my home, I can be found working on a challenging crossword puzzle, or enjoying a good book, of course.


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 “The measured tone and news-anchor authority of Tim Dixon's narration is a perfect match for the subject matter...Dixon's tone maintains Dr. Offit's empathy for those who are hesitant, yet he systematically dismantles unscientific ideas.”

~ Dan Bortolotti, AudioFile Magazine - Full Review

“Narrator Tim Dixon lends a strong, well-paced voice to the religion-infused story of Dr. William Cooke...Dixon's matter-of-fact, nicely pitched delivery helps place Cooke's relationship with his God in context--as a part of his everyday life...”

~ Gretchen Schuldt, AudioFile Magazine- Full Review

“Tim is a great talent and he delivers, big time, on a tale well told.”

~ Vince Milam, author, The Case Lee Novel Series

“Tim Dixon brings his passion to every performance and is considered to be one of the top audiobook narrators in the industry.”

~ Cory Verner, ONE Audiobooks

“Tim Dixon's narration just adds to the greatness of this book. I can't say enough good about it. It's one of the very best on Audible.”

~ J.Brock, Audible listener review, Saipan (★★★★★)

“Narrator Tim Dixon describes these procedures in a strong, vibrant voice...”

~ Elaine Sumner, AudioFile Magazine - Full Review 

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